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Add a particular touch to your room space by hanging Indian mandala nonconformist embroidered artwork. Built from 100% cotton, this woven artwork is high in quality, tough and skin benevolent.

The rich hues utilized in this tapestry/blanket will coordinate your room stylistic layout. The beguiling flower and striped plans add to the magnificence of this woven artwork.

Shading observation can somewhat change in pictures versus in person on the grounds that each shading is to a great degree lively. You can’t help, however love these wonders since that is the thing that makes each so special and delightful!

small firefly lights led on a sensitive copper wire – ideal for adding brilliant touch to any space, inside or out. We adore them for dormitory stylistic layout, as well! The Drove globules are hung on a bendable wire with a water-safe electrical connector that is sheltered to utilize inside or in a secured open air zone. Air conditioning plug good, they require a power convertor when utilized outside of North America. UL recorded; class 2 control supply 120v 50/60hz. Just at Urban Suppliers!