+17 Most popular ways to appliance pantry cabinet

Fabricate or change a cutting board, with indents, to fit directly over your sink. You could even DIY a ledge augmentation cutting board on the off chance that you have a little space. On the off chance that very much thought about, a great cutting board can keep going for a considerable length of time. The Kitchn will demonstrate to you how the one above was finished.

Introduce a slide out cutting board cabinet directly over your waste can for scraps and peelings. A foldable, divider mounted table is a shelter for modest, cramped kitchens. You can even make one with butcher square to use amid prep.

This Brooklyn studio cut an additional bit of wood, at that point introduced it on sections toward the finish of the counter to the other side. Butcher square ledges are inclining. As opposed to supplant your entire kitchen, fill any holes between your counter space with butcher square chunks on legs.