+16 Essential things for nursery accent wall girl color palettes

For Molly’s nursery, I needed to utilize things I previously had and new things that I could use for quite a long time to come. I likewise needed to blend old family things with new current things. The elephant painting over the lodging was extremely the beginning stage. The floor covering is from World Market.

Adornments: The extensive ivory cushion, dark owl, and green monkey are from Dock 1. The coral cushions, dull light with coral shade, floor pouf and flying creature picture are from Target. The elephant picture is from Home Products. The coral toss is likewise from Stein Shop. The monogram over the den is from ScrappinPlus on Etsy. The sheep painting is by Debra Hewitt (adore her work!).

gas veil is for my significant other he utilizes it for diaper changes :). DIY Ventures: In a few spots I surrounded scrapbook paper and connected paper blossoms. Over the evolving table, the standard is produced using (washed) fat quarters attacked 1″ strips, and afterward tied in a tangle around a bit of rope. Likewise over the evolving table, I encircled scrapbook paper and afterward appended suction container snares to the glass. Rattles are hanging there for Molly to play with amid diaper changes. The wreath is really a laurel, with a flying creature connected, both from Michael’s.