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We purchased the farmhouse in 2012 and put in 18 months deliberately sorting it pull out. The oak trees that encompass the property are what attracted us to the place. The house, be that as it may, was too little for our group of 6. It began as a two room house and the loft was incomplete.

My fundamental need was to open up the primary living, eating, and kitchen territory. We likewise completed out the upstairs and made a decent size family room, a visitor room and specialty room. On the off chance that these oak trees could talk I would love to hear their accounts! As we began the demo and the redesign procedure I needed to ensure all the character of this stunning old house would not get lost. I had the best time searching for more established apparatuses and ways to utilize and we rescued all the current trim and embellishment to safeguard the immortal look of this home.

It was a decent day when we at long last moved in late October of 2013. I picked whites and delicate impartial tones in the farmhouse with the goal that it would be a quiet place for the family when life gets full. We are at long last in and settled and it is home sweet home for us. We are adoring homestead life and every one of the creatures that consider it their home as well. It’s been a significant experience!