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Some of the time I get insane thoughts in my mind. Donnie knows this. I generally help him that it’s one to remember the things he adores most about me. ?

He can generally tell when I have a thought blending. I begin dropping unpretentious (or not all that inconspicuous) insights. Generally he tenderly endeavors to talk me out of it, posting numerous [incredibly valid] reasons why my insane thought is… well, insane. Be that as it may, ordinarily I do it at any rate. Uh oh. ?

Be that as it may, you all. Making over the powder room when we were up to our eyeballs in a kitchen redesign appeared well and good! {I promise!} You know how when you get something new and it’s staying there looking all delightful, and afterward the majority of the sudden the thing alongside it watches absolutely strange, so you have to take care of that as well? That is absolutely what occurred here.

It’s everything pleasant and splendid and beautiful (and not yet completed, but rather we’re arriving) and looking dazzling. I even transformed our old coat storage room into a pleasant, composed storeroom to run with it…